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Chapter II was formed in October 2015 and was created to find a place for children, young riders and their parents to start cycling and develop further in a safe and friendly enviroment in an area currently unable to provide this platform for them. The aim was to firstly make people smile, secondly to be safe, and thirdly to allow young cyclists to not only achieve what they are naturally capable of, but experience the same things and have the same opportunities  as the lucky couple of naturally talented, well supported younger riders who already have a foot in the door. It all started with a group of 10 or so of us on a Saturday morning group ride, and has now progressed to 50+ riders over 4 different groups, as well as other events and trips away and a race team!

We have already had some exciting progress from some of our individuals with massive development in a short time.
We are becoming very well recognised now within the larger cycling community and have been embraced by them for what we are trying to achieve, slowly developing into a very smart outfit. We have attracted professional riders that ride regularly at the club, Ex professionals and recreational riders that pride themselves on the smartness of the rides and are willing to give up their time to make all of our group ride roads very safe.


We have five rides per week currently as this is all we can achieve with our current circumstances but we will be looking to create more when our coaching and first aid is in place.

We have a ‘Foundation Ride’ that is for age 10+ riders, at between 15-17 miles distance per ride and aimed at beginners to road riding. Next we have our ‘Academy Starter Ride’ which is about 14mph over a loop of 35 miles and a perfect progression from the Foundation group. We then have our ‘Academy Main Ride’ – this ride is about 40 miles at the slightly higher pace of 16-17mph which holds a majority of our more advanced youth riders. Our final, and most advanced ride is ‘The Development Ride’.  This is an quick ride with group skills, sprint efforts and race formulation in excess of 20mph over a 50 mile hilly loop.

We aim for this ride to be the final progression for our more advanced youth riders, and we do our best to make sure that it is a safe, smart, and well organised ride with only experienced adult cyclists who share our ethos.

Another ride we have is our Saturday evening ‘Family Ride’ –  both children and parents riding together in a relaxed and fun environment, usually around Sutton Park. We have already exceeded numbers of 30 plus at times on this ride. It is usually about 6-8 miles and very casual, mainly aimed at smiles and ice cream.


We have also developed a race team, C2 racing which is a youth race team with absolutely no emphasis on results, we are now actively supporting local TT’s and local races and will have a large presence at our local cross races. We have also had a couple of very talented adult riders that are promoting the team at races too..


With the money we are raising we will be able to expand what we are doing further. We will have more people qualified to coach and help new youth riders to the club and into cycling, and we will be able to do it safely under the banner of British Cycling. It will enable us to bring lesser privilaged children and youth into the sport and develop their ability and confidence.

Will Chapter 2 have the next Chris Froome? Who cares as long as we get a thousand smiles.