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June 6, 2017
Back to back wins for C2 Racing
June 6, 2017
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Race Reports – May 2017

Lots of C2 Racing Jerseys out this month, as the race season begins. We are still yet to ride as a team, though there were still plenty of great individual efforts. Well done all 😀


Shrewsbury GP 4’s

Brad – “Fun day out but hard racing in cat 4. Selection made quite quickly with the climb and the fast cornering, with little groups all over the road. I managed to stay with a chase group for about 30 mins, fell away at the end and got lapped by the front 5 or so on the last. Strong riders out and a bit of a war through the town but really fun! “

Redditch Road Race 2/3/4

Ian – “Redditch Road Race on Sunday was a lot harder, much hillier course and a few crashes. I stayed upright but had a 15 min chase after getting caught behind one of the craches. Four of us managed to get back on, just ….. after that I was knackered and it was a case of surviving. Got my second wind for the uphill finish and was moving forward, just ran out of space…. I think I was top 20 so fairly happy.”


Curbourough No Frills Friday – Handicap 3/4

Brad – “I was in a group of 10 riders going well. Maybe 25 minutes in cat 3s caught. Got my line wrong through the chicane and lost places as most of the 4s filtered in with the 3s. Steadily went backwards. Worked most of the rest on my own for 9th place in cat 4 and my first point. Could’ve done better but still glad to get one on the board and first time on that track and it was greasy with the rain”



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