Ride Report – 13th May 2017
May 13, 2017
Tuesday TT, CC Giro
June 6, 2017
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Ride Report – 20th May 2017

***RIDE REPORT 20/5***

Just two groups today in the Academy but pleased to say both full.
Today I got to ride with the kids that went up from the Foundation it was an absolute pleasure to see Jack coming down a group and riding with us. A lovely touch at the end of the ride when he looked at me and said ‘I loved that’ Jack was one of the reasons Chapter II was formed, I have been very much there for most of his journey on the pusher and his eccentricity and kind nature has always made me melt. Today for the first time his maturity on the bike started to show, he was nice and sharp, a hit with everyone. A massive credit to Matt and Jess Newman. Leon done a good stint from the front and will need to learn the art of not giving into half wheeling……..JACK! Leon is a powerhouse and his confidence is finally starting to show, he’s now starting to realise he’s an ox. Then we had little James, Wow this kid is really developing into something. I really can’t believe his progress in such a short time, importantly to me is his manner and politeness and willingness to learn. Watch this space guys he will be coming up the groups very soon. Finally thank you so much Richard for the kind words on the standard of our ride and welcome to Chapter 2.
In the Academy main group we had usual hitters Charlie and Matt in there but joined by Dev regulars Dazzler™ and a bloke I rate really highly Andy Robinson. Thank you so much guys and thanks for buying into the concept if you are racing on a Sunday come down a couple of groups and come join the party. The kids buzz off it.
Back at UP coffee and bants was exceptional even though I was a little devastated that the girl in the tiara making my brew turned out to be Al when she turned round.
Anyway all in all on a week where British Cycling are literally chewing at the bit to come and join the Chapter II party and funding going very well. Things ain’t looking to bad in our yard.
Massive thank you all x

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