Ride Report – 13th May 2017
May 13, 2017
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Ride Report – 8th April 2017

Ride report – 8 April 2017
Paul Rolfe, this report is Especially For You!
It wasn’t quite 100 Degrees but it was a Beautiful sunny day and spring had definitely arrived. I was so pleased that there was No More Rain.

The Word is Out, indeed It’s No Secret that the Chapter II riders were so good at riding in formation that nobody had to say Get Outta My Way. Whether we were fast or Slow, it was like we were in Cruise Control. I know we do love a good natter on the Foundation ride but nobody said I Talk Too Much.

I think as I was riding up Hillwood Common Hill, Paul told me to keep the (Loco)-Motion going, indeed I was thinking that Nothing Can Stop Us as we powered to the top.

The Other Boys, James and Leon (& Stu!) progressed to the Academy Starter – it wasn’t Too Far for them and they smashed it, well done boys.

On the Academy Main, Dad said that Ant showed The Reflex(es) of a cat on the hunt as he bunny hopped a pothole at speed in what was a cracking ride with a top group of young and old(er)! chaps.

The fast boys completed their ride – they were so quick that one thought This Wheel’s On Fire – and I think between us we may have cycled approaching 2000 Miles today, top riding all.

Dad was pleased as he had some cake at Under Pressure, you can never have Too Much Of A Good Thing – the Chocolate cake was amazing as always – thanks Maserati Jonny!!

Chapter II is about the development of cycling, especially for the Kids. I loved it and know that we all do.

Thank you for asking me to write this report, I was thinking I Should Be So Lucky to be selected.

Bethany Roberts

PS – Dad may have helped me a bit, well a lot, but it was fun
PPS – for those counting, there were 21 Kylie songs in the above report! 

feeling happy.

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